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Ankur Hospital Emergency Ambulance Services in Gurgaon is a 24×7, state-of-the-art facility that offers comprehensive emergency and trauma care. Ankur Hospital believes in providing ‘Best Life-Saving Care, Tailored to Patient Needs. It is a scientifically developed emergency service. The service has innovative features with better services.

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Frequently Ask Questions.

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A: No, Currently, we are not active outside Gurgaon.

A: Air Ambulance Service is another type of Medical Transportation. Fastest means of transportation and available often during an emergency.

The helicopters and planes will be specially configured with basic and advanced life support based on the patient's requirements.

A: Non-Emergency Ambulance provides extensive medical transportation services like the regular Emergency Ambulance.

However, as the name implies, the non-emergency ambulances offer medical transportation services for recovering patients and people with the limited physical ability to travel in a regular vehicle, such as senior citizens, children and differently-abled persons.

A: An Emergency Ambulance provides advanced life support to the patient in a critical situation and demands medical assistance at the earliest.

On the other hand, the Non-Emergency Ambulance will serve people in stable health conditions but unable to travel in regular vehicles for various reasons.