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At Ankur Hospital Gurgaon, the Operation Theater (OT) Complex has two operating rooms, both of which are adequately equipped to handle surgeries. Additionally to bariatric surgery and plastic surgery, we specialize in ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, ENT surgery, dental surgery/maxillo-facial surgery, cardiac surgery, trauma, and orthopaedic surgery. Along with this – Arthroscopy surgery, Colonoscopy surgery and Endoscopy surgery.

Due to the increasing incidence of postoperative infections, we have upgraded our infrastructure with a laminar airflow system and Hepa filter to prevent OT-related infections.

In addition, the operating rooms are equipped with medical gas points, medical gas alarms, optical fire detectors, equipment mounting, video connectivity, temperature and humidity monitoring, sterile and non-sterile zones, bacteriostatic PVC flooring and a 24-hour water supply.

Our OT department provides outstanding surgical facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Surgical specialities and a broad range of expertise are among our services. The OT department’s team consists of trained nurses, OT technicians and assistants, as well as sterile service personnel. To ensure the best possible service to the patients, the support team works closely with the surgeons and anaesthetists.

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Ultracision harmonic scalpel -ankur hospital

Ultracision Harmonic Scalpel

With the Harmonic Generator 300 System, soft tissue can be cut and coagulated using ultrasonic energy. Ultrasonic generator, footswitch, hand switch adaptor, handpiece, and various minimally invasive and open instruments make up the system. This manual refers to “instruments” as blades, ball coagulators, or coagulating shears of The HARMONIC Generator 300 System.

Harmonic instruments vibrate longitudinally at 55.5 kilohertz. Vibrating the blade at this frequency enhances its cutting ability. Hemostasis occurs when tissue couples with an instrument and coagulated blood binds it. Vibration of collagen molecules causes them to denature, resulting in coagulum.

Applications of Harmonic Generator 300 

The Harmonic Generator 300 System is designed for soft tissue incisions requiring minimal thermal injury and bleeding control. Harmonic Generator 300 System instruments can be used in conjunction with or in place of electrosurgery, laser surgery and steel scalpels.

Features of Harmonic Generator 300

  • Foot/Hand Activated
  • Enhanced power delivery
  • Integrated System Diagnostics
  • Control panel that is easy to read
  • Foot Switch Receptacles with Dual Switches
  • The output power curve is defined by a state-of-the-art “Smart” chip from Digital Core.


In addition to the Harmonic Generator 300 (GEN 04), the Aquiline Footswitch (FSW01),

GEN300 / GEN04 is the model number and product code, respectively for this model.

The voltage range is 100 – 240 VAC.