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Ankur hospital’s ENT team is a blend of young, experienced, energetic ENT specialists. Their sole focus is to provide compassionate and ethical care with the highest level of medical technology and standards possible. Personalized treatment and individualized attention are required for every patient because they all have different needs and expectations. No matter whether it is the most complex reconstruction of the trachea or a simple tonsillectomy, our goal is to provide excellent care to every patient every time. As we know, it’s not lasers and machines that cure people, but when they are used fully and sensibly, they can save lives and improve medical outcomes. Each of the department’s consultants is extensively reviewed on Google and each has one of the highest satisfaction ratings among Ent doctors, which speaks highly of our expertise that people travel significant distances to seek reliable, affordable, and latest state-of-the-art treatment. Additionally, patients seek us out for second opinions when multiple treatments have failed in challenging, complex and stubborn cases. We collaborate with leading medical centers around the world, so our treatment and opinions are aligned with the highest medical standards in the world.

We can treat the entire range of ENT diseases and disorders in a safe, affordable, and reliable manner. Our ENT doctors are experienced in both routine and complicated procedures pertaining to the ear, nose, and throat. ENT specialists, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists work together continuously to provide the best care to our patients.

What is an ENT specialist’s job?

As well as graduating from medical school (usually four years), a board-certified ENT specialist has completed at least five years of specialty training and passed a certification examination for the American Board of Otolaryngology. ENT specialists are skilled in both the medical and surgical management of the following:

Ear conditions. If you have an ear disorder or condition, such as hearing impairment, ear infections, disorders affecting balance, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or pain in your ear, you should consult an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Congenital disorders of the ear can also be treated by ENT specialists.

Nose conditions. ENT specialists treat problems affecting the nose, nasal cavity, and sinuses. These problems can affect smell, breathing, and physical appearance.

Conditions of the throat. Throat disorders and conditions can affect speech, singing, eating, swallowing, and digestion. An ENT specialist can diagnose, manage, and treat these conditions.

ENT conditions affect the head and neck. ENT specialists treat diseases, tumors, trauma, and deformities of the head, neck, and face. They can also perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in these areas. Additionally, they can treat problems with the nerves in the head and neck that control sight, odor, hearing, and facial movements.

ENT specialists also complete additional training in one or more of the following otolaryngology subspecialties:

Pediatric otolaryngology (specializes in ENT problems in children)

Audiology (specializing in ears, balance, and tinnitus)


Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face

Tumors of the head and neck are the focus of head and neck surgery

Laryngology (specialization in the throat, voice, and swallowing)

Rhinology (the study of the nose and sinus cavities)

Otolaryngologists may also have sub-certifications in sleep medicine.

Who Should See an ENT Specialist?

The following conditions are commonly treated by an ear, nose, and throat doctor:

An injury to your ears, nose, or throat

Nerve problems in the ears, nose, or throat

Balance issues


Deficiency in hearing

Infection in the ears

Infection of the tonsil or adenoid

The swimmer’s ear

Ear, nose, or throat pain

Getting tinnitus

Birth defects of the ear, nose, or throat

Breathing difficulties

The Down syndrome

Instances of asthma


Sinus infection

Ear, nose, or throat tumors or growths

The septum deviated

An unattractive appearance of the nose or face

Cleft of the palate

A drooping eyelid

Loss of hair

Nose bruising

Nose congestion

Smell problems

Problems with voice or swallowing

Throat ache


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Consult your primary care doctor if an ENT specialist can help with one of these conditions or another problem that affects your ears, nose, throat, or another area.


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