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Ankur Hospital urologists diagnose and treat problems involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. Urologists work with a team of doctors trained in many areas to determine the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs.

How does Urology work?

Male and female urinary tract diseases (kidneys, ureters, bladders, and urethra) fall under the domain of urology. In addition, it includes the male reproductive organs (penis, testes, scrotum, prostate, etc.). People are susceptible to health issues in these body parts, so urologic health is crucial.

Urology is considered a surgical specialty. In addition to surgery, a urologist has knowledge of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and other aspects of health care. The reason for this is that urologists in Gurgaon must treat a wide range of clinical problems. The American Urological Association has designated seven subspecialties within urology:

  • Children’s urology (pediatric urology)
  • Urologic oncology (urological cancers)
  • Renal (kidney) transplantation
  • Infertility in men
  • calculi (stones in the urinary tract)
  • Female Urology
  • Neurology (control of genitourinary organs by the nervous system)

Who treats urology patients?

You may require the services of a urologist in Gurgaon if you have problems with your urological health. You might also meet someone from the urologist’s care team.

How does a urologist work?

A urologist in Gurgaon is a medical specialist who specializes in diseases of the male, female, and male reproductive systems. The variety of clinical problems urologists encounter requires them to have knowledge of internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, and other specialties. Urologists in Gurgaon are also trained as surgeons and can provide patients with surgical options for many urological health conditions. Ankur Hospital urologists in Gurgaon must meet specific educational and examination requirements to be certified by the American Board of Urology.

A nephrologist and a urologist often collaborate on patient care, but their roles are different. Nephrology focuses specifically on kidney disease and function. The roles of a urologist and a nephrologist are distinct. A urologist treats patients with kidney stones, while a nephrologist treats people with diabetes. In Nephrology, there is no surgical component, which means nephrologists cannot perform surgery.

In urology, what are the subspecialty areas?

The field of urology is classified as a surgical subspecialty. There are eight subspecialties within urology:

  • A problem with erectile function (impotence)
  • Female urology
  • Male infertility
  • Neurology
  • Ankur Hospital does not treat paediatric urology.
  • Renal transplantation
  • urological stones
  • Urologic oncology

There is quite a wide range of health conditions associated with urology, from problems with urinary control to cancers. A urologist can treat the following conditions:

  • Incontinence urinary
  • Symptoms of urinary tract infection
  • Kidney stones
  • Stones in the bladder
  • A low testosterone level
  • Causes of erectile dysfunction
  • Causes infertility in male
  • Prostatitis (inflammation/infection of the prostate)
  • Large prostate

In addition to these health concerns, the multispecialty Ankur Hospital in Gurgaon treats many other urologic conditions.

For further evaluation of urologic health conditions, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained urologists.


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